Simon Lord: Screenwriter


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Feature Projects

JELLYFISH (Tribeca Film Festival 2018)



A put-upon teenage carer struggling to keep her dysfunctional family together discovers a hidden talent, and begins channeling her volatile energies into stand-up comedy.

Starring Liv Hill (Three Girls, The Little Stranger), Sinead Matthews (Daphne, Happy-Go-Lucky) and Cyril Nri (Cucumber). Represented by Bankside Films for international sales. World Premiere at Tribeca Film Festival 2018. Previously selected for Edinburgh Film Festival Works in Progress 2017

Directed by James Gardner, Screenplay by James Gardner and Simon Lord. Produced by Nik Holttum and James Gardner.


Above The Clouds (post-production)



On her 18th birthday, Charlie discovers her dad isn't really her dad. Recruiting Oz, a rough sleeper with a driving license, she sets out on a road odyssey to the Isle of Skye to find her real father. 

Starring Naomi Morris, Andrew Murton and Philip Jackson (Poirot, My Week With Marilyn). Also selected for Edinburgh Film festival Works in Progress 2017.

Directed by Leon Chambers, Screenplay by Simon Lord


IN DEVOPMENT - So&So Productions

13-year-old Rabbit has been raised in the woods by her controlling father, who feeds her elaborate fairytales that explain why they're the only two people on earth, and have to stay hidden, or risk being devoured by the Sick Ones. Then one day, Rabbit finds an injured hiker in the woods - setting her on a collision-course with the modern world. 

Co-writer: AOK Simpson. Director: Georgia Oakley. Produced by Hélène Sifre and Rienkje Attoh

Cinema of Dreams 

IN DEVELOPMENT - Inflammable Films. Development funded by SFTN.

Steampunk fantasy in which an itinerant puppeteer stumbles into a surreal factory which promises him the life of his dreams. But as it turns out, it's his actual dreams they're after.

Director: Sven Werner. Produced by Diarmid Scrimshaw and Wendy Mitchell.

Bartek And The Duke


Once upon a time, a young Ukrainian boy was being smuggled into the country in the back of a lorry, when he became separated from his mother. Lost in a deep, dark forest, he found found himself in a forbidding, ramshackle castle owned by a reclusive, cantankerous old Duke haunted by memories of his own childhood.

A comedic modern fairytale with a social realist twist, BARTEK AND THE DUKE was selected for Edinburgh Talent Lab 2015 and EIFF Connections 2015. Mentored by writer/producer Peter Ettedgui.  

Directed by Luke Rodgers, Screenplay by Simon Lord

The Outside Zone



Adaptation of French language novel "La Zone Du Dehors" by bestselling author Alain Damasio. In a fine-tuned future of tech-enabled democracy, an ambitious young executive discovers the perfect world she inhabits has a seedy underbelly. 

Screenplay by Simon Lord, Produced by Hélène Sifre




I started writing early, adapting Julius Caesar for the school stage aged about 8 and making myself exactly no friends in the process.

Aged 13, I moved to Paris, where I played in progressively angrier and angrier rock bands, until I discovered literature under the tutelage of a world-weary English teacher. 

I studied English at Oxford, where I specialised in the Romantic period, notably William Blake, the notorious Samuel Taylor Coleridge and ruckus-loving essayist William Hazlitt.

Upon graduation I produced the (all-but mandated) overwrought literary novel in a matter of months, and then carefully filed the rejection letters away in a blue folder.

Since then, I have worked as a runner, researcher and eventually writer, penning several drafts of a Cold War thriller on commission. I co-directed several animated music videos, which were broadcast on MTV and racked up 300k YouTube views.  

I've also moved to London, worked as a philosophical consultant for a festival of ideas, bounced my way around Europe and had my heart broken in several places. 



My 2012 short Two Dancers starred one Carl Barat, late of The Libertines, as a man who falls for the ballerina hired to teach him to dance for his wedding.

At the other end of the scale, 2013's Lonely Hearts was a bloody affair, a romcom about a serial killer who just wants to find love. The film played at major international festivals including Cleveland and St. Louis, and domestics including LSFF and East End. 

In 2015 Barry Glitter, a short co-written with director James Gardner, was shot in Blackpool, funded by the NFTS. This was followed by The Car Washer, another NFTS short starring Daniel Adeboyega and Helen Kennedy.

2016 saw two feature films go into production - road comedy Above The Clouds, which featured Philip Jackson (Poirot, My Week With Marilyn) and social drama Jellyfish starring Sinead Matthews and Cyril Nri. Both projects are currently in post-production and will be embarking on the festival circuit during 2017. 

I am currently adapting French sci-fi novel La Zone Du Dehors by Alain Damasio on commission, as well as rewriting odd-couple spec Bartek and the Duke and time travel escapade A Certain Tomorrow.